About Patient Management System

360 Degree Info-Dynamics is a management software firm that focuses on providing medical software solutions. Ours is a next-gen technology that is guided by a team of innovative and qualified professionals who believe in making a change by looking at things differently.

360 Degree Info-Dynamics presents to you a unique medical software-Patient Management Software (PMS). PMS is a computerized system for tracking information of the patients, their diagnosis and prescriptions with a particular healthcare facility like any medical clinic. We bring you a smart, tech-savvy solution that works efficiently and in result gives your staff more time to focus on better things like patient healthcare.
Running a medical facility has its own complexities such as cost issues, centralized work flow, patient satisfaction and side by side finding solutions that satisfies all. Such software solution will only drive your business forward and let your medical staff focus on more important things like taking care of your patients.